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Drew Barrymore ..... Blythe Drew Barrymore (Culver City, CA, February 22, 1975) is actress and producer of films United States.

Join the world's television and film. He baby when commercial debuted in movies and in 1982 with "ET-The Alien" by Steven Spielberg that apadrinhou since. He had problems with drugs during adolescence, internou in a rehabilitation clinic and in 1995 returned to film with "Indecente Relationship" (Poison Ivy). He wrote the book Little Girl Lost on experience with the drugs.

It is the granddaughter of actor John Barrymore (Grand Hotel, 1932)-niece and granddaughter of actor Lionel Barrymore (The Will not Buy Happiness, 1946) and Ethel Barrymore (Only a lonely heart, 1944). His last success was "Music and Lyrics" with the participation of Hugh Grant and Haley Bennett

Namorou with Fabrizio Moretti, drummer of The Strokes banda, over five years (2002 to January 2007). Are allergic to perfume and coffee. Drew is godmother of French Bean Cobain, daughter of Courtney Love (ex-Hole) and Kurt Cobain (the late leader of Nirvana).

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